Check Iqama Expiry Date | SMS | Absher | Very Easy Method

Iqama expiry is a major concern for anyone staying here for work. An expired Iqama means you are illegal here. I will also explain this process through a video at the end. You can check the Iqama Expiry date by; Absher Account Through SMS MOL Website Iqama imprinted Check Iqama Expiry via Absher Account If … Read more

Iqama Huroob Status Check & Removal 2023

Iqama Huroob Status Check-in 2023 | How to Remove Huroob Huroob is something scary here in Saudi Arabia. It literally means that if work runs away from his sponsor then the sponsor should report him to authorities about it otherwise Kafeel/sponsor will be in trouble if the employee gets caught by authorities. Let’s see how … Read more