Iqama Check Red or Green

It is always necessary to have a look at your company status. This is also called Nitqat details.

Let us see how we can get all these details online without visiting any official.

I will also explain all this in a video at the end.

Red and Green Status Check

Follow the below simple steps;

Step – 1: First of all, go to MOL official website by clicking here MOL.GOV.SA

Step – 2: You will see a screen like below.

Step – 3: Enter the Iqama Number as highlighted

Step – 4: Enter the Image Code

Step – 5: Now click on what is highlighted in a white square. The ‘Behs’

MOL New website for Iqama huroob

Step – 6: You will see something like below.

Iqama Red or Green

Step – 7: a copy that highlighted text and googles translate it if you don’t know Arabic and you will get the status of your company.

This is how simple that we can check Iqama or company status online.

Check Iqama Expiry

What is Nitaqat System?

It all started in 2011 when the Saudi government told the private firms to hire more Saudi employees. This is what is called Saudization.

The number decides the status of a company. If a company has fewer Saudi employees than a threshold then it will be considered in the Red category.

I will explain these categories below.

Red Status

If we say a Red Iqama it means that the employee belongs to that company is in red status. This is the lowest category in the Nitaqat points table for a company.

If you are in such a firm then make sure to take a transfer as soon as possible or wait for the company to come back in green status. Because if a company is in red then its window in jawazat is closed. You cannot get your iqama renewed if expired.

I know many companies fall in the red category and then improve back to somewhere green or lower green and maintained there. There is no need to get panic immediately as soon as your status in the red.

If a company is in red then you can take a transfer to another firm without seeking any permission from the previous kafeel but in that case, you will lose all tye End service Benefits.

Green Status

Green status means that your firm is abiding the rules and regulations set by the Saudi government and no need to worry about anything. Just enjoy your work and forget about any nitaqat system penalty.

Silver, Gold or Platinum Status

These nitaqat status are way above in the ranking. These are the firms mostly have Saudi employee in there. If you in such a company then you will enjoy many perks as low iqama fees, etc.

You can have a look at this video guide also.

Absher Account Guide

Video Guide

If you still face any issue then you can comment below and i am happy to take the query as soon as possible for me.

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