Iqama Huroob Status Check & Removal 2023

Iqama Huroob Status Check-in 2023 | How to Remove Huroob

Huroob is something scary here in Saudi Arabia. It literally means that if work runs away from his sponsor then the sponsor should report him to authorities about it otherwise Kafeel/sponsor will be in trouble if the employee gets caught by authorities.

Let’s see how we can check if someone is on huroob or not. Later, we will see how to deal with this.

Check Huroob Status.

Follow the below easy steps;

Step – 1: First of all, go to the MOL official website by clicking here MOL.GOV.SA

Step – 2: You will see a screen like below.

Step – 3: Enter the Iqama Number as highlighted

Step – 4: Enter the Image Code

Step – 5: Now click on what is highlighted in a white square. The ‘Behs’

Step – 6: Now, you will see a screen like below at the end. If you see a text like below then you are good to go. You can copy the text highlighted and see it in Google Translate. It means ‘Present on Work’

  • متغيب عن العمل: HUROOB/Absent from Work.
  • علي رأس العمل: NO HUROOB.

Step – 7: But if you see a text like the one below then you are in trouble. It means your sponsor/kafeel has put huroob on you.


Let’s see how we can deal with it.

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Removing Huroob Status

As you know, huroob is something that you have to make a crime – it means you broke the rules and regulations of your contract made earlier with your kafeel. You are supposed to go to jail which will lead to deportation to the home country.

The good thing is this in 2020 and a digital KSA are underway and Huroob removal is not that tough if your kafeel wants to.

Follow this to remove huroob.

Contact your kafeel

Make sure to contact your kafeel within 2 weeks (20 days some people say) after huroob is imposed. Here, the kafeel can do it online, and no need to go and meet any officials.

But after this period it will be hard for your kafeel as he needs to go to the courts and he will avoid it.

Make sure, to oblige him and settle the issues. This is only the best way.

Hire an Agent

You can get help from anyone to make a deal between you and your kafeel. You can find a legal advisor here.

Go to Labor Court

avail this option only if you have all valid proof that kafeel put huroob just to exploit you. As we have heard sometimes kafeel wants to grab your End service benefits which are why he puts you on huroob.

If this is the situation still better to talk to him and get settle the issue outside. As court needs time for a hearing and you may get bankrupt in that period as you cannot do any job. If you won the case then you will take all of your money home.

Surrender Yourself

If you are at the wrong party then go to officials and tell them you are on huroob. they will put you in the deportation center they call it Tarheel (Jail) first. After that, you will be deported and will be banned for five years to enter back to KSA for work.

Note: Make sure to deal outside courts with kafeel in any possible manner. It is not that courts will not support you, we have seen many cases where employees won but it takes time. Though you will be paid for all the salaries and everything if you are successful.

These are just a suggestion and you can follow your own path.

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