Iqama Fine Check

Now, you can check traffic fines without any Absher account. This is a good move for the people who or on visit visa in Saudi Arabia.

I will explain all this process will pictorial and you can watch a video on it at the end.

Let us jump in without wasting any time.

Traffic Iqama Fines

Follow the below simple steps;

Step – 1: First of all, go to this link at Absher

Step – 2: you will see a window like below

Step – 3: Go to Query Traffic Violation for Visitors

Go to New look MOI Absher Saudi website

Step – 4: Now, you have many options to like Border Number, passport number, ID card, Iqama, Housing card, Saudi ID in GCC

Step – 5: Select any you have with you.

Select your document like iqama or passport

Step – 5: I will check with Iqama Number

Step – 6: I will also enter my Nationality and the Image Code

Step – 7: Now click on View

Enter MOI Iqama number and image code


Step – 8: You will see here if there is any fine.

You will see the traffic violation fine here

Hope this is quite easy to follow along. Also, make sure to pay any fine as soon as possible as it will get doubled in a month.

Video Guide

Iqama Fine Check

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