Check Exit Re-entry Visa Expiry Date | When to Return Back?

Exit Re-Entry Visa

In Saudi Arabia, when you want to go on vacation back home then you need to get a visa that we call here Exit re-entry visa. This is just permission from your kafeel for a specific duration.

We will discuss how you can check the expiry date and the duration that you can stay outside the kingdom.

I will explain all this in a video at the end also.

Check Exit Re–Entry

Follow the below simple steps;

Step – 1: First of all, go to this link at Jawazat ESERVE

Step – 2: You will see a screen like below.

Step – 3: All you have to do, is to enter the information in two dropdown boxes.

Step – 4: You can use the information as per your preference like Iqama Number or Visa Number in the first box and date of birth in other, passport expiry, visa expiry date, or Name.

Step – 5: Once entered correctly then click on Check

Step – 6: Note this date and make sure to come back within a specific duration otherwise you cannot enter here back and a ban of three years will also be imposed on you.

Extending Exit Re-Entry

Yes, if you are unable to come back in that period then you can apply for an extension but your iqama validity should be in that range at least 15 days above. An extra extension fee will be applied.

But if you got Exit reentry and don’t go back home then a fine of 3000 SAR if your visa expired here. Make sure to cancel it if not leaving.

You can ask your company mandoob and provide him with the details.

If you want to extend the visa of your dependent then you can do it through Absher

Follow the below steps;

If you are inside KSA

Step – 1: Log in to your Absher here Absher

Step – 2:  On Services click Individuals

Step – 3: Now, go to the Dependents area

Step – 4: Then to Dependents Services

Step – 5: Now to VISA Services

Step – 6: Here, just click Next

Step – 7: Cancel the previous one and apply for a new one.

If you are Outside KSA

It is a tough ask. You need your company Mandoob (a company representative at government offices) to help to process it.

You need a letter attested from MOFA. After that go to the embassy in your respective country and submit all the details there. But before visiting them make sure to fill in all the details at ENJAZIT.

Video Guide

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