Make and Activate Absher

MOI Absher is a very facilitating platform here in Saudi Arabia. It helps us to communicate different government departments without meeting the officials here.

All you have to do is make and activate an Absher account.

Making an Absher Account

Follow the below simple steps;

Step – 1: First of all, visit MOI official website by clicking here Absher

Step – 2: Change the language in English if you are not good at Arabic

Step – 3: Click on the ‘Individuals’ section

Step – 4: Click on ‘New User’

Step – 5: Fill the requested information correctly. Like Iqama Number, Mobile Phone Number, Any Username, Create a Password & Confirma, E-mail Address, Language as per your preference to receive notifications.

Information required for opening an Absher Account

Step – 6: Fill the ‘Image Code’

Step – 7: Agree on the policies after reading.

Step – 8: A notification will come to your mobile. Enter it now

Step – 9: Click on ‘Register’ and you are done with making your Absher.

Step – 10:Take a print or screenshot to use it during activation.

Step – 11: We need to activate our Absher now.

Activating of Absher Account

You can activate your Absher account by following different ways

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1. KIOSK Self Service Machines

You can find these self-service machines in public areas like malls & hospitals easily. Go there and follow the easy instructions like biometrics.

Don’t forget to take your mobile & iqama with you as you will receive a notification on that mobile.

2. Internet Banking or ATM’s

It can be done through the ATM machine nowadays if you have an account already in any bank.

3. Through Jawazat

You can go to the Jawazat passport department and ask them to activate it for you. make sure to show them the print of your Absher registration.

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Video Guide

Make & Activate Absher


You can comment below if you need more help with it.

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